On Camera

I've had the opportunity to work on some wonderful television and film projects, with roles in 'True Lies', WB's 'Safe Harbor' and TV France3's  'Madame Le Consul' to name a few. Even better I've worked in both English and Spanish, with key roles in 'Corte Tropical' on Univision and 'Los Teens' on Telemundo.
I've also hosted several television shows in Spanish and English, and been an on-camera spokesperson for clients such as the US Postal Service and the Miami Herald.

Below are a few of my projects, and if you'd like to see some examples of my work click here for
 English or Spanish, or select the Demo links in the drop down above. Enjoy!

True Lies [Supporting]             
James Cameron / 20TH Century Fox

Camino No Tomado [Starring]             
Ali Habashi / HAWKLI Productions

The Footman [Starring] 
Michael Ventre / Oodles O’ Noodles

Gilmore Girls (French Twist)  [Co-Star]
Lee Shallat Chemel / CW

McBride 8 (Dogged) [Co-Star]
John Larroquette / Hallmark

Safe Harbor (Life Insurance)  [Co-Star] 
Spelling Television / WB

Madame Le Consul (Meutres a Miami)
[Guest Star] 
Jean Sagol / TV France 3

Los Teens [Series Regular] 
Errol Falcon / Telemundo

Corte Tropical* [Series Regular] 
Errol Falcon / Univision

A Cut Above (Pilot) [Guest Star] 
Errol Falcon / Univision

Diva (pilot) [Guest Star]
A Huevo Productions

Shame II (M.O.W.) [Co-Star] 
Dan Lerner / Lifetime

Wiseguy (Witness Protection) [Co-Star]
Stephen J. Cannell

Que Viva La Mujer [Series Host]
Lifetime / Dynamic Cable
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